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New Dads: What is fear really? There is fear and then, there is "New Dad" fear!

As a new Dad, I can tell you what fear is, and it isn't like anything you have ever experienced before.  Fear is bringing home your firstborn child from the safety of the hospital.  You feel like you are on another planet, responsible for a new life-form.  Most new parents aren't prepared to leave the safe sanctuary of the hospital. I thought I was prepared; I thought we were prepared, but the reality of it all was that no one had the slightest idea what to do. To be honest,  I was ready go back to the hospital and beg to be let back in. We were just not ready!

Dads to Be, New Dads, Experienced Dads who have been there and done that, you will find the advice and incredible wisdom wisdom in my book to be brutally honest and I KNOW you will relate.  For example, do you know the things that you should NOT ask your pregnant wife about? Some of you do but those who don't, you better figure it out! Soon. Quickly.

But now! NOW that we're over those first days and have some experience under our belts, I am going to share some secrets with you. 


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