You live your dreams, your kids live their dreams

I was raised with a lot of love and attention but I wasn’t really raised with a lot of goals or direction.

It was never suggested that I take any particular path with my schooling, or career or employment. Essentially, my parents led by example and few words were spoken unless I asked specifically for advice. What was always made crystal clear was that I should always work hard, do my very best and know that slacking wouldn’t be tolerated.

I remember a bunch of times my mum shunting me off to school or work when I wasn’t feeling 100%. To this day, I find it impossible to take sick days unless they are absolutely necessary.  I know this work ethic has made me a better person .

I’ve also seen a bunch of friends pushed into things they didn’t really want to do.  I have seen how that turned around and bit everyone on the arse. Everything good I’ve done to get to this point in my life has been mostly my own decision.  Yep, every mistake I’ve also owned with no one to blame when it went wrong ( it went wrong a lot ).  I learned very early what I didn’t want out of life, which was to never ever live my life by the constraints of someone else’s life or idea of a life.

So here I am 41 years old , on the other side of the world with my one and only and two beautiful kids .

Live your dreams and let your kids live their own dreams too …..with just the odd gentle nudge where necessary!  It’s not about YOU!

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