Please Please Please Go to Sleep

Anyone who has ever raised a non sleeper like ourselves and Sarah @weestructed will know that a creaky floor board, it might as well be a semi trailer crashing into your house as far as baby is concerned. It’s been a difficult journey with the boy and sleep patterns. I cant lie and say it’s not been been maddening. He has now finally started (mostly) sleeping through the night after 17 months of unparalleled sleep deprivation – for the both of us.

Although we both still live on a knife edge every night we go to bed ….. is the temperature right ? does he have enough pacifiers ? could a random spider in the room yawn and wake him from his slumber ????

Tonight, there is a slight wild card though as Louise is on night shift (she is studying to be a midwife) so I’m in charge of all things sleep. Luckily Grandma Jo is staying over but heaven help us both if he awakes and can’t be appeased with a bottle, he’s only just being weaned from breast feeding as well so it could be a bit bumpy – Im not an overly religious man but tonight I pray to anyone who’ll listen ??

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