About Tam Rodwell

tamrodwelllillyjoAustralian born Tam Rodwell 41 , resides in London with his wife and family.  He owns 2 pairs of blue jeans and 26 white t-shirts. 

Working full time as a welder, he also runs his company Lillypots selling a baby product he invented himself. When he isn't feeding his babies, changing diapers/nappies or chasing little people around, he likes to escape to the beach to go surfing.


lillypotlogoAs a first time Dad,  Tam happily decided to take on the task of advance cooking and prepping of solid foods for his daughter Lilly.  He wanted to ensure that fresh, wholesome homemade foods would be her first tastes when she was 6 months old. Having spent many late nights chained to the blender pureeing fruit and vegetables and then freezing them in ice cube trays, Tam started to research easy ways to defrost the frozen cubes of tasty foods.  

Tam realised fairly quickly that there wasn’t any product on the market that could defrost and heat these tiny portions of food separately whilst not compromising the nutritional value of the food; more importantly, he wanted to avoid the use of plastics.  Always thinking and fiddling, Tam invented LillyPots, a revolutionary new baby food and weaning tool to help make thawing and serving homemade baby food easier and safer.  


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