When Colic Strikes – Mr. Invincible beat colic

img_0517How colic toughened up this little man

Probably the most irritating thing about babies with colic is that there really is no explanation for what causes it, nor is there any real guaranteed cure.  To be fair, I’m amazed this kid turned out to be the happy toddler that he is. He lived through 9 months of hell as far as we could tell, at least that’s what his screams seemed to indicate.

Now, you’ll hear the same thing over and over from parents who have babies with colic, they tried everything and more and still, nothing worked to soothe and calm their babies.  In the end, most parents just resign themselves to hanging on for grim death until the black clouds lifted.  For some babies, colic might last for only a few weeks but for others, it may be a few months that colic sticks around to torment baby and parents alike. For us and Huey, colic made itself at home with him for 9 months.

Colic broke us up and broke us apart in ways that simply cannot be explained unless you have had a child with colic.

Every new parent knows that night time with a baby is always a lottery but for 9 months, there was no element of chance and sadly, no good nights sleep to look forward to for us or for Huey. We knew when the time came for bed that all hell was going to break loose. At its worst, he would cry and feed for 8 hours straight. This cycle would unfortunately start at midnight and end when the sun came up. We thought perhaps he had a bit of vampire in him.  Now neither my wife nor I have ever experienced torture, well not in the CIA sense, but I’m fairly sure Huey could teach those screws a few things about how to break down a human into a pile of rubble.

You know what though? One day it just passed and a bright smiley boy emerged. It was as if we were meeting him for the first time.

We never gave up on searching for a cure and although I can never say for sure, I’m fairly sure a few things we did might just have helped. They say every every cloud has a silver lining and this young man certainly attained his own bright outline.  You can tell the whole experience has hardened him towards pain, I won’t say it made him impervious to it but the kid can take a hit that’s for sure. He is extremely accident prone as he jumps before looking and is forever falling on his butt or bashing his head on hard objects.  Most kids would cry for hours at the knocks he takes but Huey, he usually gives a 10 second wail and then barrels straight on, head first into his next adventure.

His quests for fun and general zest is something to behold and I know he’s going to be a super sporty kid, a most welcome attribute  this dad can’t wait to get his hands on.

Soldier on my boy ….. soldier on.

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