Being a Lazy Dad is Great

Today was kind of a strange day for me . Usually when Louise is working on a Sunday I’m up super early with two crazed kids; you know the type who appear to have eaten amphetamines for breakfast! After breakfast, it’s usually all systems go with activities, play dates and trying endlessly to get them to eat plates of organic kale.

By the time bed time comes around I’m usually so shattered I can barely keep my eyes open . Today was different though , they were both sick and there was no chance we would ever leave the house. They both slept in and I didn’t even bother getting them dressed or myself for that matter. We just lay around on the couch all day watching TV and taking naps wherever necessary. It was almost like babysitting someone else’s kids as they were so unlike what they always are; which is not unlike a pair of plutonium charged monkeys. Their appetite was gone so I just let them eat plain pasta or what ever they wanted.

We had a few games of hide and seek and did some colouring in but that’s about as extreme as it got for me today. They did have a brief quarrel over Huey’s new light saber but that lasted about five seconds as neither had the energy to follow it through . In the end I ordered pizza , bathed them and sent them both packing to bed without the slightest struggle.

Hopefully they will be back to their best soon but it was nice to feel so refreshed at the end of the day and get a few cuddles along the way . I think today made realise that while I usually put a lot of pressure on myself as a parent maybe I could just chill out a bit more from time to time. Maybe I should fixate a little less on kale and a little bit more about just sitting back and not worrying so much about every little detail of their upbringing .

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