Oh the Food Messes the Littles Will Make

foodmessesunderthetableMealtimes sure have changed around our house since our babies were born.  We both knew that having kids would change our lives but we never, I never, expected that the angst and stress around food. mealtime and kid feeding would be so huge!

Like most parents who have small kids to feed, I spend a fair amount of my time on my hands and knees cleaning up food messes caused by little people. I should have been named Hoover, or Dyson!  The kids’ ability to drop food is only matched by their sheer enthusiasm to eat said food once it’s on the ground.  Small kids are odd ones.  Oftentimes they may have rejected the fallen (many times thrown) food but, if they manage to find a piece that we have missed three days later, game on!  You see a piece of food that’s covered in mold that was a once shunned food item, suddenly and inexplicably becomes a delicacy to them.

Thankfully, our eldest has grown out of this reject-drop-throw-scrounge-eat-repeat meal stage.  Unfortunately, our young boy will eat anything he finds on the floor. Anything.  I can’t explain it.  Why do some kids seem more enthusiastic about eating food directly from the floor?  I’ve often considered just bypassing putting food on the table itself and serving their dinner on the floor boards.

Dinner time can be a bit of an emotional roller coaster for parents, and in our house it’s no different. I can say with sincerity that cleaning under the table and being booted in the face while on all fours, it’s wearing a little thin. How about you?

Maybe we need to get a dog instead to help with the cleaning process as this old dog’s knees have seen better days.

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