Saturday Night Plight – Life after children

I think it’s fair to say that weekends can be a little bittersweet after you have children. On the one hand it’s nice to spend some quality time with them but on the other you’re exhausted from looking after them all week and could use a break.

I was always famous for my Saturday night personality (BC kids). A childless Louise and I would often do dinner and some drinks out on the town and return home for one or two more. She would often then head off to bed leaving me alone necking a few beers. What tended to happen (and often) is that she would awake at 4 am wondering where I was and find the flat door left open and a missing boyfriend. Generally speaking, I’d convinced myself that I should go off clubbing and just wandered off into the night ─ I was never good at closing doors.

The extra special times were when I arrived back at 6am completely incoherent and be carrying some kind of roads works sign or perhaps a traffic cone. I had a thing about “borrowing” them from roadworks sites. I can’t really explain it any better than that I’m afraid. So you can see the contrast only a few short years can make when you glance at this picture. Saturday nights are now a prime opportunity to do a bit of nail maintenance on my sleeping children rather than an opportunity to steal souvenirs from construction sites.

I do think sometimes, and I don’t feel bad about saying it, that I wish there was a little more time for spontaneity but hopefully that will return to our lives once the “creatures” get a little older and more independent.

I wonder if my old self would have believed me if I’d shown him this picture? Possibly not but he may have wondered what I’d done to his hair…

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