Unspoken Things About Fatherhood – No One Told You

There are actually a lot of things about becoming a father that never really get spoken about.

You get told a lot about how it should feel and you get told a lot about what you should do, but the advice comes from people who don’t know you. These people haven’t raised a child, your child, so in reality its fairly f****** pointless to even give them the time of day. I hope you include me in that as well because, I don’t have the answers to your problems either but I can share my good, bad and ugly and hope that helps you!

I will tell you this though as my one golden rules about the best way to survive the first few years once you become a parent. There are no thank you’s in parenting…… if you’re a dad like me who takes sole charge of his kids for a whole weekend, please don’t expect some kind of ticker-tape parade for doing so.

Basically you’ve dodged 5 days and if you’re now trying to treat 2 days as some kind of path to martyrdom , well I’m here to tell you that you’re owed no thank you’s from your partner nor anyone else . This is me on the home stretch of a 48 hour watch …. taken by my brother who popped along for the ride for a few hours¬†

I expect of course that my wife appreciates my efforts but in no way do I need to hear those words ……..parenting lesson 101 over … you’re welcome x

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